HFK is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing emotional and non-medical financial assistance to families of young children hospitalized in South Florida with CHD. We are currently working with Joe DiMaggio Children's hospital, one of the region's leading pediatric hospitals, and coordinating our efforts to lessen the burdens placed on these families.

Many families are struggling to cope with the rising financial challenges they face throughout their child's extended hospitalization. Confronted with overwhelming medical bills, their financial resources are stretched, especially when a parent must sacrifice their job to be at their child's beside. In addition to providing counseling, advice and emotional support, HFK helps families in need with their daily living expenses. In some instances we provide gas cards so that the family can visit the hospital everyday, and financial help so that they can afford meals while at the hospital. We also help pay for everyday necessities like toiletries,  household expenses, sibling care, and utilities.